Gym Safe Cable Express

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Steel cable perma-draws equipped with a burly 10 mm steel Oval quick link and our popular Gym Safe carabiner. The all-steel construction delivers maximum durability on fixed routes. The Cable Express draw features low-profile swages, expert finishing, and tension-mounted flanges to protect the cable from the impact of dynamic stresses over time.

The durable plastic coating makes the draw easy to grab for emergency clips and makes the steel braid core visible for inspection. The Gym Safe carabiner features a durable steel body and a soft aluminum bent gate that makes it clip like a high-end sport draw. The keeper pin is fixed with a hex screw to prevent theft and tampering but is still easy to replace with wear and tear. Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors.
  • 6 mm steel cable perma-draws for fixing routes
  • Equipped with a burly 10 mm steel Oval quick Link and steel Gym Safe carabiner
  • Available in 18 and 23 cm lengths and two colors
  • Weight:
    • 18 cm: 350g (12.4 oz)
    • 23 cm: 365g (12.9 oz)
Size Strength
Oval Quick Link Steel(10 mm)
12 89 47 45 10 13
Gym Safe 24 99 58 24 8 13
Cable Express 23

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