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Demo product from Festiglace 2020 in excellent condition. The picks are also in excellent condition. See pictures 5, 6, and 7.

The highest quality composites and perfect handcraft are features that make EliteClimb products state-of-the-art, extra lightweight and durable tools, to work with you in the mountains.

The Salamandra is the lightest ice tool you can find and EliteClimb is THE FIRST and ONLY producer of certificated climbing axes, made only from composites in the world!!!

Made from hybrid carbon and kevlar composite. It's high strength and low weight, freedom of shape, fatigue endurance, water-resistant, impact resistance, and thermal isolation (no snow or ice on the shaft and warm for the hand).

Salamandra is specially designed for ice climbing and long mountain routes.

  • Height 50 cm
  • Weight 377g with the included mixt pick (range from 360g to 429g depending on pick selection)
  • Compatible with Petzl Masselottes (pick weight of 65g) for adding weight at the head
  • Weight is concentrated at the head for a perfect swing; the whole shaft/handles is only 235g
  • Spikes are made from composite and contribute to the lightweight of the shaft
  • Two holes: on the pick to carry the tool and on the bottom to attach cords
  • The shaft is covered with special abrasive paint for a good grip
  • Made according to EN 13089 standard for ice axes (type 2 or T rated)
  • Handcraft in Poland
Carbon fibers are lightweight and flexible, 70% lighter than steel, 40% lighter than aluminum, high strength-to-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, application flexibility, low mass, superior fatigue properties, and resistance to low temperatures.

Kevlar fibers are impact resistance, low weight reinforcement, and high abrasion resistance.

Pick Selection:
  • Mixt (142g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) compatible
  • Ice (145g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) compatible
  • Ice Hammer (194g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) compatible
  • Ice Adze (193g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) compatible
  • Ice Light (125g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) not compatible
  • Ice Light Hammer (168g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) not compatible
  • Ice Light Adze (168g) Petzl Masselottes (pick weight) not compatible

Used by Andrzej Bargiel to make history by being the first to climb K2 and solo it down on skis.

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