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This product has the usual small scratches after a day of mountaineering. It's only visible at close-up. It's cosmetic only. It's not highly visible in photos so we haven't had any in the photo selection.

Made with a lightweight and warm on-hand carbon fiber shaft, an aeronautical light alloy, and a hot-forged Chromoly steel pick made by Widia who specializes in advanced cutting tools. Low alloy steel has higher tensile strength and is considerably stronger and more durable than standard steel. Hot-forged construction not only makes the metal stronger but also lighter.

The Grivel Flame is made using sophisticated production methods to produce an extremely advanced ice axe.

  • Weight: 242g (weighted by Verti Call)
  • Size: 49 cm
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 1 (B-rated), UIAA 152
  • Made in Italy

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