SYM K9G Oval Twin Gate

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Oval-shape carabiner with Twin-Gate double gate system.

Oval in shape, it resembles the first carabiners used in history. We paid homage to the past by inserting our innovations to make it strong and in step with the times. Thanks to the Twin gate system which reinforces and guarantees the opening, it is the most solid with this design. Wide and round surfaces to promote the action of the rope and prevent wear of the same. Used in climbing and caving. Furthermore, the rotated position of the levers allows for greater opening without compromising safety.

Opening by means of theTwin-Gate systemwith a double gate, which does not require any additional operation (e.g. screwing), making it safer and faster than other systems. Furthermore, it allows avoiding accidental openings that can occur for example due to contact with the rock, due to incorrect passage of the rope due to involuntary hand pressure. Two levers also allow greater resistance than one. Finally, it maintains its functionality over time and does not fear the presence of dust, earth and ice like other systems. Modified levers that allow you to easily attach all types of devices (brakes). Individually tested, with the date of testing and progressive number laser-marked on it.

  • Certifications: CE EN 12275 - class X, UIAA 121, CE EN362
  • Weight: 75g (2.6oz)
  • Length-Width-Opening: 110-58-24 mm
  • Resistance
    closed gate strength: 24
    minor axis strength: 9
    open gate strength: 8
  • Made in Italia

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