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SPARK’s design was developed in partnership with our leading athletes from the Russian ice-climbing team. Thanks to this close collaboration plus the best materials, every element of SPARK serves the goal to become your most reliable tool of choice during difficult ice, mixed and dry-tooling routes.

The rubberised handle grip negates heat loss from the user's hand.

The carbon shaft of variable cross-section is much lighter than its aluminium analogues, making the SPARK, at 405g (without handrest, adze and hammer), the lightest ice axe in its class. The use of carbon material has many advantages, and beyond the obvious property of its weight to load ratio, we are exploiting its property to absorb mechanical vibration and provide thermal insulation thereby ensuring the maximum comfort to the user’s hands.

The shaft is designed with a variable cross-section, and tapering wall thickness. This design facilities the even distribution of load and ensures the axe can withstand extreme forces under dynamic load.

The head is made from ultra-light and super-strength aluminium alloy. Its unique shape in combination with it’s material properties allow it to withstand forces well beyond the quality requirements of CE/EN/UIAA. Precision production techniques allow the pick to be bolted to the head with a single screw-bolt.

Come with a pick optimized for ice climbing

  • Shaft weight: 373 g
  • Mixed pick: 109 g
  • Ice pick: 99 g
  • Hammer: 68 g
  • Adze: 64 g
  • Size: 50 cm
  • Shaft type: 2
  • Pick type: 2
  • Certified EN-13089.

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