12.5mm Ergy - Aramid

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Available in 100m and 200m length, the Ergy 12.5mm is made of high strength Aramid for better performance.

Aramid is commonly used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic rated body armor fabrics, for flame-resistant suits for firefighters, military pilots, and race-car drivers. Aramid fibers offer excellent physical and chemical properties at high temperatures. Thus we may see that after 10 hours of exposure at 200°C, it retains 100 % of its strength and after 1 hour at 350°C, it retains 90% of its strength. Aramid is considered high-performance fibers and command relatively high prices. Aramid ropes are about three times stronger than nylon or polyester of the same weight.

The Ergy rope will be reliable for any extreme outdoor condition and for many years.

Number Of Falls: > 20 (80 kg)
Impact force: 5.2kN (0.3)
Static Elongation(50-150kg: 2.9%
Sheath Percentage:43%
Sheath Slippage:0.3%
Shrinkage in water: 3.7%
Breaking strength: with a figure of eight knot: 25kN
Certifications:CE0120 EN1891 Type: A

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