Vim Quickdraw - 5 Pack

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The lightweight, compact Vim Wire Quickdraw is suitable for rock, alpine and ice climbing.

● Straight gate on top and bent gate on bottom  

● Hot-forged 7075 aluminum alloy construction 

● I-Beam design reduces weight and achieves an optimized strength/weight ratio

● Flared nose prevents unwanted snagging and accidental opening

● Wider rope contact surface for smooth rope glide and limits wear

● Flared nose prevents unwanted snagging and accidental opening 

● Wire gate prevents freezing up in cold environment and can reduce unwanted vibration, making the carabiner well suited for use in harsh environment

● Wire gate provides a larger opening than solid gate

● Built with a 10mm Dyneema webbing sling which is lightweight, high-strength and moisture-resistant

● Bent gate equipped with a rubber fastener to hold the carabiner in position



Certifications: Carabiner: CE1019 EN12275; Sling: EN566

Breaking Strength: Carabiner: Major/Open/Minor: 24/7/8kN; Sling: 22kN

Gate Opening: 22mm

Weight: 12cm: 77g, 18cm: 81g

Dimensions Carabiner: 86 x 52mm

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