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The Mammut Ophir Rental comes in the tried and tested, weight-saving two-part construction with breathable perforated padding and mesh. This design allows the forces to be distributed evenly over the harness, which not only increases comfort and breathability but also increases the lifespan of the harness.

What's more, the harness boasts excellent safety features as well, such as the tie-in section highlighted in colour to help guide beginners. Plus, the two gear loops are very strong, able to withstand 15 kN of force. This along with the highlighted tie-in section serves to prevent dangerous misuse and ensure maximum safety. There are also dogbones at the ends of the webbing which serve to prevent the harness webbing from unthreading from the buckle. The harness is equipped with four Slide Bloc buckles as well. In addition, the harness features a high-quality plastic tie-in protector that prevents abrasion damage as well as the indicator webbing on the belay loop. The robust polyamide sheaths around the loops have a different colour than the core. If the material is damaged, the core's red fibres will become visible, indicating that the damaged material needs to be replaced immediately.

Perfect for rental, the Mammut Ophir Rental harness has a different colour for each size, which makes them easier to organise and hand out. Plus, they can are easy to adjust.

  • Size: "M-XL":  Waist Circumference: 76 - 110 cm      Leg loops (in cm): 54 - 72

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