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Bring your campus board with you anywhere you go with our smallest and lightest fingerboard ever made. It fits in the pocket of your UCraft pants and keeps your fingers strong being your individual training tool.

PocketBoard is one of the smallest (3,9 x 2,8/10 x 7 cm) and lightest (6 oz./169 g) climbing training boards ever made. At the same time it can hold up to 440 LBS/200 kg weight, as it is fastened with super strong glue and 4 wooden dowels inside for extra safety. It fits in the pocket of UCraft pants and keeps your fingers strong being your individual training tool wherever you go.

PocketBoard is a double-sided versatile hangboard. It has 2 edges - 31 mm and 16 mm deep (both are the most used beastmaker pockets) and 2 pinch training positions - big incut pinch and a small pinch. You may load it with your gear bag or any other weight.

PocketBoard is equipped with a durable paracord allowing to attach it anywhere - on a bar, on a tree, on a bolt, or any other object strong enough to support your weight.

The presence of deep and shallow holds and the possibility to adjust load and hang angle makes PocketBoard suitable for beginners as well as experienced climbers.

PocketBoard is made of ash wood which is strong and durable and at the same time, wooden holds are skin-friendly allowing to train longer.

It offers 3 training positions: a deep pocket of 31mm, a small pocket of 16mm (both are the most used Beastmaker pockets, so you know what to do with them + independent pinch training position (hang any weight of your gear bag to train on the go)

  • 31mm pocket
  • 16 mm pocket
  • Pinch training position
  • Length: 10cm (3.9 in)
  • Weight: 167g (6oz)
  • Material: ash wood uncovered
  • Included Components: hangboard & 5mm cord rope
  • Max load: 300kg (660 lbs)

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