KAILAS Magic Dyneema Mac Anchor Chain

The Daisy Chain is a simple piece of gear that does not have room for much innovation. However, when I saw the Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain for the first time, I was pretty impressed.

The Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain is made from new innovative (I know it is in opposition with my first paragraph) magic loops of Dyneema. It's a core of round twisted Dyneema® yarn surrounded by an abrasion-proof sheath. It's really hard to believe that this very thin fabric is rated 30kN. You will simply not believe it.

The old standard daisy (next picture) is made of only one big loop with multi-stitches that created small loop sections. This method is simple and low cost to produce. Unfortunately, each section is rated only for bodyweight (approx 3 kN) compare to 30kN with the Magic Chain. Also, because loops are not free to rotate in this kind of daisy chain, it gets worn very quickly.
A major downside for the standard daisy is the two ''clipping dangers'':
1) Clipping a carabiner through 2 adjacent loops making the whole system to be 2-3 kN of strength.
2) Magic trick while shortening the length of the daisy chain as seen in the next video. Must see to the very end. If you don't know the language just see the images, it's worth thousands of words.

As seen in the video. The right way to shortening the daisy vs the wrong way is not easy to identify. That's why shortening a standard daisy chain is highly nor recommended. Remember that we don't have this problem with a multi-loop daisy chain like the Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain.

See the main advantage of anchor type chain vs typical Daisy chain

The lightest standard Dyneema daisy chains are 3g/10cm which is very lightweight. Despite being heavier, the Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain is only 6g/10cm (53.5g for 90cm) which is still less than most multi-individual loops daisy. Also, the Magic Chain allows colour coding which is helpful for selecting the right length and it's strong enough to be used for building anchors.

For the first part of the test, I basically spotted the difference between standard and multi-individual loops daisy but whats is the difference between the Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain and other similar multi-individual loops daisy? Except for the 30kN loops, it's the absence of overlapping stitches that's make the MAC a great daisy (see next picture). Overlapping both ends of nylon or Dyneema creates annoying thicker and rigid parts. It also minimizes the rotation of the loop and may jam and interfere with the usage of gears.

Loops from other daisies are sometimes a little too flexible and flat, they don't provide enough space for fast and easy clipping but the Dyneema from the magic loop has just enough rigidity to stay open. The Magic Daisy is at the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. It is also a piece of cake to pack, as it is so skinny.

Daisy chains are a simple product and do not provide big excitement. It's maybe why it's not highly reviewed on the web. However, Magic Dyneema MAC Anchor Chain is in another category. If you want the best, strongest and most versatile multi-individual loops daisy, I think I have just found it!

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Posted by Marc-Olivier Chabot

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