Climbing Fixed Protection Gear

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Showing 1 - 24 of 57 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 57 products
Sentinel Hanger
Sale price$3.95
Sentinel HangerMad Rock
Sold out
Bolting Brush
Sale priceFrom $5.45
Bolting BrushFixe
In stock, 100 units
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Sale price$7.95
In stock, 13 units
Stainless Steel Rap Ring 10mm
Sale price$5.95
Stainless Steel Rap Ring 10mmGrandWall
Sold out
10mm Hanger With Ring
Sale price$11.95
10mm Hanger With RingGrandWall
In stock, 66 units
Stainless Steel Hanger 10mm
Sale price$3.95
Stainless Steel Hanger 10mmGrandWall
Sold out
Stainless Steel Asymmetrical Belay Station
Sale price$33.95
Stainless Steel Asymmetrical Belay StationGrandWall
In stock, 9 units
8mm Stainless Steel Maillon
Sale price$5.99
8mm Stainless Steel MaillonGrandWall
Sold out
SDS Drill BitSDS Drill Bit
Sale priceFrom $9.95
SDS Drill BitFixe
In stock, 22 units
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Funkness CableFunkness Cable
Sale price$18.95
Funkness CableMoses
In stock, 21 units
Keyhole Rivet HangersKeyhole Rivet Hangers
Sale price$9.95
Keyhole Rivet HangersMoses
In stock, 58 units
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Oval Quick Link Steel 8mmOval Quick Link Steel 8mm
Sale price$4.95
Oval Quick Link Steel 8mmCAMP
Sold out
Route Setter Tool BagRoute Setter Tool Bag
Sale priceFrom $69.95
Route Setter Tool BagKailas
Only 1 unit left
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Removable Anchor (Steel + Titanium)Removable Anchor (Steel + Titanium)
Stainless Steel Wire BrushStainless Steel Wire Brush
Sale price$9.95
Stainless Steel Wire BrushMoses
In stock, 9 units
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G Maillon MI8N
Sale price$5.56 Regular price$6.95
G Maillon MI8NGrivel
Sold out
Oval Mini Quick Link Stainless 5mm
Sale price$11.95
Oval Mini Quick Link Stainless 5mmCAMP
In stock, 7 units
Deuce Bolting BagDeuce Bolting Bag
Sale price$52.95
Deuce Bolting BagFixe
In stock, 6 units
8mm Stainless Steel 316L Maillon8mm Stainless Steel 316L Maillon
Sale price$6.95
8mm Stainless Steel 316L MaillonMammut
Sold out
Stainless Steel Expansion Bolt 10mm
D Quick Link Steel 10mmD Quick Link Steel 10mm
Sale price$10.95
D Quick Link Steel 10mmCAMP
In stock, 10 units
Steel Hanger with Chain
Sale price$10.95
Steel Hanger with ChainGrandWall
Sold out
Oval Quick Link Steel 10mmOval Quick Link Steel 10mm
Sale price$6.95
Oval Quick Link Steel 10mmCAMP
Only 2 units left
SUS316 Bolt/HangerSUS316 Bolt/Hanger
Sale price$12.95
SUS316 Bolt/HangerKailas
In stock, 7 units
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