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Showing 1 - 24 of 107 products
Squamish Cam Hook with SlingSquamish Cam Hook with Sling
Sale priceFrom $11.95
Squamish Cam Hook with SlingGrandWall
In stock, 35 units
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Sale priceFrom $22.95
In stock, 127 units
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Squamish Aid HookSquamish Aid Hook
Sale priceFrom $9.95
Squamish Aid HookGrandWall
In stock, 9 units
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Pecker PitonPecker Piton
Sale priceFrom $25.95
Pecker PitonBlack Diamond
In stock, 31 units
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Ibis HookIbis Hook
Sale priceFrom $47.95
Ibis HookPika
Only 2 units left
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Standard Rivet Hanger
Sale priceFrom $5.95
Standard Rivet HangerMoses
In stock, 81 units
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Single Head
Sale priceFrom $5.45
Single HeadMoses
In stock, 196 units
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Piton A3Piton A3
Sale price$8.50
Piton A3Singing Rock
In stock, 16 units
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Cam HookCam Hook
Sale priceFrom $19.95
Cam HookMoses
In stock, 65 units
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Slyde AdjustableSlyde Adjustable
Sale price$11.95
Slyde AdjustableKong
Sold out
Spoonbill HookSpoonbill Hook
Sale priceFrom $53.95
Spoonbill HookPika
In stock, 12 units
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Piton A5Piton A5
Sale price$12.50
Piton A5Singing Rock
In stock, 29 units
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Auto-Lock FiFi HookAuto-Lock FiFi Hook
Sale price$12.95
Auto-Lock FiFi HookKailas
Sold out
Piton V
Sale price$13.50
Piton VSinging Rock
In stock, 32 units
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Circle Head
Sale priceFrom $5.45
Circle HeadMoses
In stock, 95 units
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Titanium Horizontal PitonTitanium Horizontal Piton
Sale priceFrom $39.95
Titanium Horizontal PitonKrukonogi
Sold out
Cinch Rivet Hanger
Sale priceFrom $6.45
Cinch Rivet HangerMoses
In stock, 68 units
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Double HeadDouble Head
Sale priceFrom $5.45
Double HeadMoses
In stock, 175 units
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Gear Bander StrapGear Bander Strap
Sale price$24.98 Regular price$49.95
Gear Bander StrapKailas
In stock, 61 units
Keyhole Rivet HangersKeyhole Rivet Hangers
Sale price$9.95
Keyhole Rivet HangersMoses
In stock, 58 units
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Logan HookLogan Hook
Sale price$18.95
Logan HookMoses
In stock, 15 units
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Funkness CableFunkness Cable
Sale price$18.95
Funkness CableMoses
In stock, 21 units
Talon HookTalon Hook
Sale price$29.95
Talon HookBlack Diamond
Sold out
Removable Anchor (Steel + Titanium)Removable Anchor (Steel + Titanium)
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