Welcome to VERTI CALL

It was as a result of an injury that took him away from the mountain too long that Marc-Olivier Chabot had the idea to launch the company in 2017, in Canada's Capital Region. Helped by his friends and climbing partners he was motivated by the lack of store actually specialized in the field and the lack of accessibility to many products. VERTI CALL stands out on two points: our passion and our motivation.

Our passion

To transmit our knowledge of climbing equipment and all its secrets. We know the equipment on the fingertips, because we use them, study them and compare them to each other. If you have any questions about anything, it will be a great pleasure for us to explain, for example, the difference between two products, the benefit of one or the inconvenience of the other, and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@verticallstore.com if you have special requests or for any item not listed on our online store. We will be happy to return you as soon as possible with costs and availability.

Our motivation

To bring products not offered usually in Canada. We bring several foreign brands and most of the time there isn't a distributor in Canada so we have to deal with overseas shipping, freight, customs brokerage, etc. All those things that most businessmen don't like. Imagine when it's a climber! We work hard to brings more and we appreciate you spreading the words about what we do. As such, we are pleased to be the first and only in Canada to offer, among others, the Kailas brand that dominates the Asian market with more than a thousand retailers in Asia. This little-known brand in North America regularly wins the honor at the famous ISPO against the most famous brands in America and Europe.  Please visit the store and you will see many nice products you do not see elsewhere in Canada.
VERTI CALL is and will always be run by climbers for climbers.


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