Sun glasses for mountaineering and climbing
Choosing the lens category according to your needs is sometimes more easy to say than to do... What are your needs and what is a photochromic lens? Let's start with the categories. Lenses of sunglasses are subdivided into 5 categories:

- Category 0: 80%-100% transmission – for fashion, indoor use, or cloudy days

- Category 1: 43%-80% transmission – low sun exposure

- Category 2: 18%-43% transmission – medium sun exposure

- Category 3: 8%-18% transmission – strong brightness, light reflected of water or snow

- Category 4: 3%-8% transmission – intense sunshine for high mountains, glaciers; not recommended for driving or on the road.

The photochromic lens is adaptative according to the brightness of the light. For example, Polarized CAT.2-4 means it incorporates categories 2, 3 and 4. All-in-one! If the sun is very bright the lens will turn to cat. 4 and if it's cloudy or you'r indoor it will turn to cat. 2.

Polarized lenses are permanently tinted dark. They don’t change color. Polarized lenses greatly reduce glare where most of it occurs: on light, horizontal surfaces, such a white sand beaches, snow, glaciers and sunlight reflecting on the water.

Side covers are mandatory additions for glacier and alpinist glasses. They are designed to protect your eyes from glare bouncing off ice below you, and light that could reach your eyes from the side. 

Next are a few climbing/mountaineering glasses available at Verti Call for very reasonable prices.

LE PIRATE Mirror Wall Glasses white and blue is Polarized CAT.3

LE PIRATE Mirror Wall Glasses black and grey is Photochromic Polarized CAT.2-4
LE PIRATE Walker Glasses White and red is Polarized CAT.3

LE PIRATE Ainsa Glasses orange and blue is Polarized CAT.3

The GRIVEL Mountain Goggle is CAT.4

The GRIVEL Ice Goggle is CAT.3

Please protect your eyes and enjoy your next adventure.

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Posted by Marc-Olivier Chabot

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