#6 Drytooling Pick

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#6 Drytooling Pick is recommended for technical drytooling - No ice. Route examples: The Rave (WI3 M10), Psychophobia (D12 and the Bingo Cave area). It's thicker, more durable but less technical than close brother #5. The #6 won't climb ice, but will last longer on dry routes and frozen turf than the #5. It has a slightly more aggressive angle than #5, making stein-pull reach easier. Sold individually.

  • Tool compatibility:
    • Elite Climb Morpho Serie
    • Grivel Reparto Serie
  • Accessory compatibility (sold separately): Morpho Steel Cheeks and Morpho Titanium Cheeks
  • Optimized for technical drytooling
  • Thickness at the tip: 4.6mm
  • Weight: 119g
  • Material: Armor steel

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