9,0mm Speleo Rope 60m

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This Static rope was developed especially for cave exploring. It is outstanding for its low elongation, high static strength and exceptional resistance to wear. 

  • Length: 60m
  • Weight: 2880g
  • Compact: Our own special technology has been used for the ends of the rope. In a length of 15 mm, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit.
  • TeNOTE: New, revolutionary conception of the overall administration and registration
    of ropes which, thanks to NFC technology, offers unthought-of possibilities and
    brings user comfort to a hitherto unrecognized level. Rope includes microchip. With
    a PC and a mobile phone you obtain a quick, effective and smart tool for examination
    and maintenance of your ropes.


Rope diameter (mm) 9
Weight (g/m) 48
Number of UIAA falls 8
Relative mass of sheath (%) 42
Sheath slippage (%) -0.3
Elongation (50 - 150 kg)(%) 4.1
Shrinkage (%) 1
Tenacity (kN) 19
Min. tenacity with knots (kN) 12
Used material PA
Type B
CE 1019 yes
EN 1891 yes


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