9.5 Semi Static Pro Endurance Rope

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Fixe most manageable semi-static rope with a reduced diameter and type A standardization.

Thanks to its ENDURANCE construction, it is pleasant to the touch, easy to knot and easy to handle.

Works well with all types of locking carabiners and has exceptional resistance to abrasion.
Valid for all types of installations and maneuvers, especially rapid or less accessible installations.

The "Roca Endurance sheat" technology include a 1x1 weave pattern which make the sheath stronger and more resistant to abrasion than the typical rope with a 2x2 weave pattern.

  • Weight: 59 g/m
  • Standard CEN: EN1891
  • Type of Rope: A
  • Type of Sheath: Endurance
  • Treatment: Nature
  • Sheath Percentage: 37,0%
  • Static Elongation : 3,50%
  • Number of Falls: 8
  • Impact of Force: 4,72 kN
  • Breaking Strength: 24 kN
  • Sheath Slippage: 0,0mm
  • Shrinkage: 0.052
  • Sold by meter: 1 unit =1 meter

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