9.6 Siurana Endurance Rope

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The Suriana 9.6 with Roca Endurance sheath is a great sport climbing and alpine rope. 

The "Roca Endurance sheat" property is a 1x1 weave pattern which make the sheath stronger and more resistant to abrasion than the typical rope with a 2x2 weave pattern. This prolongs the life of the rope by more than 60%. (Fixe in-house abrasion testing studies have held up 300% longer than classic strings).

Endurance gives ropes a nicer feel, greater fluidity, and the ability to withstand 30% more abrasion cycles.

Built to last and offering a “Soft Catch” this rope has received great reviews!

  • Thickness (mm): 9.6
  • Max impact force (kN): 8.2
  • Number of UIAA falls (min): 7
  • Dynamic elongation (%): 36
  • Static Elongation (%): 6.5
  • Weight (g/meter): 65
  • Sold by meter: 1 unit =1 meter

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