9,8mm Ambition Bicolor Rope 60m

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As its name suggests, this rope is both for beginners and ambitious climbers who pursue climbing outside and indoors. It offers outstanding value for money. It has a universal diameter.

  • Rated: Single rope
  • Length: 60m
  • Weight: 3840g
  • Standard:Improved basic finishing of dynamic ropes. The new technological process enables the application of impregnation agents early in the standard finishing of the ropes.
  • Compact: Our own special technology has been used for the ends of the rope. In a length of 15 mm, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit.
  • Midpoint of rope: At half of the length, the rope is visibly marked by coloured band, which does not affect the core structure and its mechanical properties.
  • Bicolour: A new, clearly identifiable change of rope pattern in the middle. Bicolour brings comfort in rope handling and is advantageous especially for descending. The change of pattern is practical also when climbing with half ropes and contributes to improvement of ropework as well as to safety in general.
  • TeNOTE: New, revolutionary conception of the overall administration and registration
    of ropes which, thanks to NFC technology, offers unthought-of possibilities and
    brings user comfort to a hitherto unrecognized level. Rope includes microchip. With
    a PC and a mobile phone you obtain a quick, effective and smart tool for examination
    and maintenance of your ropes.


Rope diameter (mm) 9.8
Weight (g/m) 64
Number of UIAA falls 9
Max impact force (kN) 7.4
Sheath slippage (%) 0.05
Static elongation (%) 7.9
Dynamic elongation (%) 35
Knotability 0.9
EN 892 yes
CE 1019 yes


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