A Feeling for Rock

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How does it feel to rock climb – the touch, ethics, companionship, landscape, and language? A Feeling for Rock explores such topics in a clever mix of poetry, cartoons, photographs, essays, and interviews with both lifelong climbers and total beginners. Fun for dipping into or a more immersive read, it will brighten your climbing experience.

A Feeling for Rock won the Climbing Literature Award 2021 at Banff Mountain Book Competition.

“This fresh, eclectic mix of utility and art illustrates why we climb – alongside the how, where and what.” – Lynn Robinson, BMC President

“I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It’s thoroughly weird, which is GOOD.” – Andrew Bisharat

“One of the pleasures of reading this book is you rarely know what Dobner is going to come up with next… If…you too have been wondering where the joy of climbing has gone, I recommend you get yourself a copy of A Feeling for Rock.” – Ian Parnell

Sarah-Jane Dobner is a devoted climber from Bristol, UK. “Rock climbing has shaped my body, my bookshelves, my home, my holidays, the clothes I wear, the vehicle I drive, how I spend my money and what happens when I die. I am a product of the rock. The dynamic is visceral, spiritual, intellectual and emotional – no area untouched by this curious hobby.”

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook@afeelingforrock.

- Published by Dob Dob Dob in 2021
- Author: Sarah-Jane Dobner
- Edition: First
- Language: English
- Color: No
- Pages: 268
- Dimension: 5.25″ wide by 8″ tall
- ISBN: 9781838400415
- Weight: 300g
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