Advanced Rock Climbing: Expert Skills and Techniques

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Advanced Rock Climbing: Expert Skills and Techniques is for good climbers who want to get even better―from training to gear, sport climbing to multi-pitch efficiency, and beyond. Each chapter has detailed advice from some of the world’s best climbers and guides―Tommy Caldwell, Angela Hawse, Justen Sjong, Steph Davis, Sonny Trotter, Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and more.
Through clear, step-by-step instruction, detailed color photographs, and hard-earned wisdom, this new guide helps strong climbers increase their speed on multi-pitch climbs, conserve energy on big faces, train for tendon strength, improvise self-rescue, and more. Advanced Rock Climbing is for someone who has been climbing for several years and aspires to transition from intermediate to advanced levels, experienced climbers who are stuck in a rut, and naturally talented climbers who are climbing high grades but who may not have the experience to go further safely.
“The old way of climbing was systematic, methodical, and consistent. Now it’s anything goes, reacting to every situation differently.” ―Tommy Caldwell
  • For skilled climbers who want to push to the next level
  • Tips and advice from Tommy Caldwell, Steph Davis, Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold and more of the world’s best climbers
  • 250 color photographs and 12 illustrations
Topher Donahue started mountaineering with his father, Mike, who was a mountain guide in Colorado. As a teenager, he began capturing mountain experiences with both pen and camera. The quest led him on expeditions to Australia, Japan, Kygryzstan, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Europe, and all over the United States. Today, Topher works in editorial and advertising media as well as offers creative consulting services to businesses who want to genuinely represent the experiences their customers are looking for outdoors.
"Advanced Rock Climbing "raises the bar considerably in terms of coherence and continuity of perspective. And "provides the confident intermediate with an outlook to take them to big suggests to the long-standing expert new ways of doing things, and, in so doing, inspires them to get back in the game." --Tom Valis, Gripped

- Published by Mountaineers Books in 2016
- Author: Topher Donahue
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 351
- ISBN: 9781680510126
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