Angel AC Camming Device

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You climb a rock route and you think it is well protected, but unexpectedly you have to secure yourself. IF YOU HAVE 1 ANGEL CAM, YOU CAN DO IT!

The Angel works well in horizontal cracks, flaring cracks, and holes. The stability is phenomenal! if inserted into narrow cracks, even with only the front part of the rigid body, it locks, leverages and does not move. In holes, it is the body that creates the interlocking action, with the help of open arms. In non-parallel cracks, the arms open independently, adapting to the rock.

Does it walk? Well, it doesn’t. Probably the fact that the holding sling is attached to the centre of the camming device doesn’t let the vibrations of the rope move the device. It doesn’t walk, at least with the usual rope motions. If the rope is yanked hard to the outside, the Angel moves a little, but always toward the inside of the crack.

The materials used are the best: Ergal type aluminum used in avionics, and Titanium. The sling is made of Aramid fibre (strength of 1700 kg).

Size 1 - Red:
Range: 26-100 mm

Weight: 276g
Strength: 11 kN (on 27-95 mm)

Size 2 - Blue:
Range: 46-145 mm
Weight: 395g
Strength: 11 kN (on 47-132 mm)

  • Large opening range: 5 sizes in just 1 device
  • 3 independent arms that fit the crack creating an offset extreme tightness
  • Doesn't walk
  • The load on the central body improves holding force and durability
  • Easy to extract
  • Replaceable rope for a long-life cam
    • ANGEL AC 1: 26 to 100mm (BD #0.75 to #4)
    • ANGEL AC 2: 46 to 145mm (BD half #2 to half #6)
  • Made of Ergal and titanium
  • Italian design
  • Accurate control test piece by piece
  • Certification: CE 2008, EN12276

"I pretty much place this every belay. It takes some practice to use to its full potential, but I’ve gotten solid placements with it where nothing else will fit. Also, everyone finds it very interesting to see it. Cool to see such an innovative idea that actually works. This cam must have taken an immense amount of design and refinement to get it to this stage."   Ryan Franz

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