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You know the feeling of chalking up before the tough sequence of moves on your project. The last thing you want going through your mind is whether or not your hands will feel right on the rock. With White Dirt, you can choose between fine-grained and chunky chalk right out of the bag. Use the fine-grained chalk rub into grooves of your fingers so that you know are getting complete coverage and use the chunks to get more specific about where you are applying the chalk. For instance, a crimp that requires the perfect friction on the middle finger may just require an extra level of attention so you get the send. This technical approach to applying chalk can make all the difference in the world.

- Includes chunks and fine-grained magnesium carbonate.
- Resealable bag
- 113g / 4 oz
- 100% natural magnesium carbonate chalk
- No dry agents or chemicals added
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