Pirum 2 Way Autolock Carabiner

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The PIRUM is specially designed for applications where more space is needed, for example as a central carabiner or when working with thicker ropes diameters. Thanks to its anatomically formed shape, the carabiner lies naturally in your hand and convinces with an excellent strength rating of 30 kN. With a wide gate clearance, this carabiner reduces the risk of getting your fingers caught while clipping. Special feature of the PIRUM ID 2-way auto-lock is its unique identification number [ID].

To open: twist and push.
  • Auto-Locking
  • Dimension: 128 x 76mm
  • Gate opening: 26mm
  • Major Axis Strength: 30kN
  • Minor Axis Strength: 10kN
  • Open Gate Strength: 10kN
  • Weight: 96g
  • Certification: EN 12275:2013 (B), EN 362:2004 (B), UIAA 121
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