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Bleau Blocs: 100 of the finest boulder problems in the Fontainebleau forest is a visual celebration of this unique and vast bouldering venue.

Stéphan Denys is the eye of the Fontainebleau forest. Having spent nearly forty years as a photographer and climber roaming every inch of the rocky landscape, he has developed a special bond with these sandstone giants and their unique shapes: sometimes round and bumpy, sometimes sharp and angular, but always fascinating.

His photos span a range of eras and are accompanied by texts that expand on the context and characteristics of each boulder problem. Included is a Preface by Olivier Lebreton.

The 100 striking problems chosen are listed by sector: the National Forest, the Trois Pignons, Larchant and Nemours, followed by Buthiers and l’Essonne. Through this selection, the author shares his vision of bouldering in Fontainebleau and invites us to consider the boulders more deeply from all their angles. An inspiring book for all climbers, whatever their level!

Not to be used as a traditional guidebook, it is more a collection of photos of the best problems. Include name, grade and description/story of each problem. A nice mix between a guidebook and a coffee table book.

Stéphan Denys is an author and photographer. He has been passionate about Fontainebleau since the 1980s and has photographed many famous climbers including Jacky Godoffe and Ben Moon. He works closely with specialist press, publishers and gear manufacturers in the climbing industry.

- Published by Vertebrate Publishing
- Authors: Stéphan Denys (translated by Natalie Berry)
- Region: Fontainebleau, France
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 224
- Softcover
- Dimension: 246mm x 189mm
- Weight: 600g
- ISBN: 978-1-83981-049-7

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