Boarding Pass Total - Aid Package

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The Essentials For Any Vertical Journey. The Boarding Pass Total (with ascenders) Aid Package was designed with aid climbers, photographers, and routesetters in mind to make completing an ascending kit quick and convenient. Everything fits in the Clipping bag and be deployed on the wall quickly.

Featuring colour-matched left and right ladders, daisy chains, and ovals for easy organization. The colours additionally match the Passport Ascenders for a complete ascending solution.
  • Includes 2 Passport Ascender, 1 Fifi Hook, 2 Oval Carabiners, 2 Daisy Chains, 2 Ladders and 1 Clipping Bag
  • Weight and Strength:
    • PASSPORT ASCENDER: 218g, 4kN
    • FIFI HOOK: 24g, 4kN
    • LADDERS: 240g, 3kN
    • DAISY CHAIN: 101g, 22kN
    • OVAL CARABINER: 65g, 24/8/7kN
    • CLIPPING BAG: 39g
  • Full Set Weight: 1301g
  • Colour-matched left and right ladders, ascender, daisy chains, and oval carabiners for easy organization

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