Piu 2.0 Belay Kit

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  • Specifically designed for use with skinny ropes
  • Can be rigged in auto-block mode for belaying two seconds
  • Diagonal cable prevents the rope from rubbing and jamming

The Piu 2.0 has been designed to deliver optimal performance with the new generation of skinny ropes that have gained popularity in recent years. Using a variable notched design with smooth teeth on the brake side of the device along with narrower slots for the rope, the Piu 2.0 locks onto skinny ropes with more friction than other tube-style devices. Other features include the ability to set up the device in auto-block mode for belaying two seconds, a large rigging hole that allows a locking carabiner to rotate all the way through, a specially shaped hole that captures the nose of a keylock carabiner (specifically designed for use with the HMS Nitro and HMS Compact Lock carabiners) which can then be used as a lever for releasing tension if a second locks the device in auto-block mode, and a diagonal cable that prevents the rope from rubbing and jamming.

  • Includes the Piu 2.0 belay device and HMS Compact Lock carabiner
  • Total weight: 169g / 5.9oz

Tech Spec

Piu 2.0 Belay Device
  • Rope range: 7.6 mm - 11.0 mm
    • single rope: 8.9 - 11mm
    • double rope: 7.6 - 9
  • Weight: 80g / 2.8oz

HMS Compact Lock carabiner
  • Height: 111mm
  • Width: 76mm
  • Gate Opening: 25mm
  • Major Axis: 22 kN
  • Minor Axis: 10 kN
  • Open Gate: 6 kN
  • Weight: 89g / 3.1oz

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