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The X-Dream combines two tools in one – a fully optimized tool for technical ice and an aggressive dry tooling machine. This amazing ice axe not only features four different T-rated picks for various terrain but also incorporates a patented adjustment system in the ergonomic handle to fine-tune the swing and pull even further. Use the Allen bolt above the grip to switch between Dry and Ice positions by changing the angle of the handle in relation to the angle of the pick. In the Dry position, the handle kicks upward for a more down and out pull. The Ice position drops the handle for a more natural swing on ice. Climbers can further refine the X-Dream with micro-adjustable trigger finger ledges (choose from two inserts – the X-Finger Small or the X-Finger Large – that can be flipped over to adjust the position) and the X-Rest insert which adjusts the overall height of the handle. All four picks feature the refined beak and tooth configuration CASSIN tools are known for. They are designed to provide solid sticks with minimal effort making them the perfect choice for brittle ice and technical mixed terrain. The X-Dream comes standard with the Mixte pick. The Ice pick brings the tip 6 mm closer to the handle but maintains the same angle as the Mixte pick. The Mixte and Ice picks can be used alone or with the hammer or adze. for performance similar to the popular X-All Mountain tool. It also features a small hammer that adds the perfect amount of head weight for thin and brittle ice. The Race pick features a sharp beak for grappling with rock. The Mixed pick is a blend between the two with similar angles to the Ice pick but only a small hammer plate and teeth reaching further down the shaft like the Race pick. The Total Dry pick is designed for maximum performance on overhanging dry tooling routes and in competitions.

  • Hyperlight, perfectly balanced, a fully-featured tool for technical dry, mixed and ice climbing
  • New multi-part head design with four pick options — the Mixte and Ice picks can be combined with hammer or adze for amazing versatility
  • Comes standard with the Mixte pick; Ice, Race and Total Dry picks can be purchased separately
  • Ergonomic handle with patented adjustment system to change between Dry and Ice angles
  • The handle is constructed from extreme cold resistant polymer laid over the hot-forged aluminum alloy spine
  • 4 different picks (Mixte supplied as standard, Ice, Race and total Dry can be purchased separately) provide further refinement for different styles of climbing
  • Micro-adjustable trigger finger ledges and X-Rest insert to adjust the overall height and size of the handle
  • X-Trigger pommel attaches to the shaft for a third position
  • X-Grip 2 included
  • Weight: 595g (21 oz)
  • Certification: Standards: CE EN 13089 Type 2 (T-Rated)
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