Carbon-Kevlar Hammer

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The Carbon-Kevlar Hammer is light and compact. The composite shaft is ultralightweight so the weight of the hammer is highly concentrated in the steel head, It provides an easy and strong swing.  The shaft is covered with a special abrasive finish for a good grip. It's also had a warm feeling on hand for those cold days.

A unique feature is the optional adze or piton remover back head. The removable adze is designed for multiple uses: cleaning crack and ground surfaces, cutting branches, breaking ice and digging on the ground. Remove the adze (2 x 5mm bolts and nuts) and you have the piton remover used for levering out pitons and cleaning cracks.

  • Total length: 28.5 cm
  • Shaft length: 23.5 cm
  • Come with standard option: piton remover
  • Optional accessory: adze
  • Comes with a 20mm wrench
  • Lanyard hole at the bottom of the shaft
  • Head Material: Steel
  • Shaft Material: Composite of carbon and kevlar
  • Weight: 386g without the adze; 475g with the adze 
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