The Boulder: A Philosophy for Bouldering

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Climber and philosopher Francis Sanzaro believe that a sustained engagement with the fundamental concepts of bouldering is necessary for the sport, and essential for the boulderer to master the craft. He illuminates how the pursuit of bouldering is a philosophy that can be improved and strengthened—just like a muscle—benefiting both body and soul.

This enlightening book is an inspired collection of thoughts on bouldering—one that brings it into conversation with arts and sports as varied as architecture, dance, skateboarding, painting, parkour, martial arts and gymnastics. It will enrich your climbing experience as you appreciate the natural physicality and artful play of bouldering.

- Published by Sharp End Publishing in 2013
- Author: Francis Sanzaro
- Edition: First
- Language: English
- Color: No
- Pages: 183
- Dimension: 5.25″ wide by 7.75″ tall
- ISBN: 9781892540720
- Weight: 226g

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