Core Climbing - Pilates for Climbers

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Core Climbing combines Pilates exercises and climbing in a unique training manual. Core Climbing is a complete, easy to follow program of Pilates and climbing exercises for novice and advanced climbers. Clear step-by-step instructions walk you through the exercises. More importantly, Core Climbing coaches the reader to transfer the eight principals of Pilates to climbing. Breathing, control, flexibility, stamina and more will enhance your climbing skills. Put your Pilates practice together with mat, ball and stretching circuit workouts designed for quick, effective training. This book is available for immediate download.

- Published by Sharp End Publishing in 2009
- Author: Michele Hurni
- Edition: First
- Language: English
- Color: No
- Pages: 268
- Dimension: 8.50″ wide by 11″ tall
- ISBN: 9781892540669
- Weight: 358g

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