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This full-color guidebook contains dozens of climbs on over 25 crags. There is also an extensive logistical section for traveling climbers as well as plenty of local lore and history.

This one-of-a-kind guidebook features limestone sport climbs in the area of the Valle de Vinales, 200 km from Havana, a World Heritage Site because of its natural beauty, including marvellous karst hillocks that define the landscape in ways comparable to those located in China and the Malay Peninsula, and caves with pre-historic paintings.
This guidebook is a first of its kind. Never before has the incredible limestone of Vinales, Cuba been documented and this book puts it all at your fingertips. The stone in western Cuba is very similar to that of Thailand, but lacks the humidity, poisonous creatures and illnesses associated with an Asian climbing trip. What Cuban stone does have are massive tufas, stalactites and caves - the kind of features sport climbing dreams are made of.

Cuba Climbing contains an extensive logistical section for traveling climbers, including those coming from the United States. It outlines all aspects of the trip and should provide a complete reference for planning a vacation. Cuba is arguably the best winter climbing destination for North American and British climbers, and this book helps you plan a great winter vacation!
Three-quarters of the book covers nearby routes in English, with loads of color route photos. There's also an extensive section of background information including fauna & flora, geography, geology, trip planning, accommodations, food & drink, Havana, Vinales, etc, and a Spanish-English glossary of climbing terms.
It's likely that Cuba may soon become open to more U.S. travellers, but in the meantime, there are ways to get there if one wants to make a little effort, like flying from Canada or Mexico. A visa is needed, but Cuba doesn't stamp your passport.
The outside magazine gave this thumbnail of Armando Menocal: Armando Menocal was the first president of the Access Fund, and its founder. He is “a world-class Wyoming climber who's been helping the Cuban rock-climbing community get off the ground.”
In the 1990s, Armando traveled to Cuba in search of his family roots, but 'discovered' Viñales instead. Amazed at the potential, he made dozens of return trips to climb its rock walls, always bringing gear for the Cubans, eventually publishing a guidebook, Cuba Climbing 2009 and creating a website, cubaclimbing.com, to show the world all that Cuba has to offer. Today Armando has a Cuban fiance, a Cuban daughter-in-law, and two Cuban grandchildren. Thus, he is attached to Cuba by more than just a rope. He lives in Wilson, Wyoming, and hopes to return to Viñales.

- Published by Quickdraw Publication in 2009
- Author: Anibal Fernandez and Armando Menocal
- Region: Cuba
- Edition: First (newest)
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 204
- Dimension: 5.875″ wide by 8.25″ tall
- ISBN: 9780973259360
- Weight: 359g
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