Dixie Cragger's Atlas Vol 2: The Hinterlands

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A Climber's Guide to Tennessee Volume 2: The Hinterlands

About the Guide: I'm an author, but I'm foremost a climber, and I love to travel to new places. I am also a guidebook aficionado and have bought and used many guidebooks over the years - some were great and others have been terrible. Some were dangerously inaccurate, while others may have had good info, but fell apart the first time they got thrown in a pack. I'm sorta old school as well and feel that guidebooks should include information about the first ascent party and dates if possible. I feel that guidebooks are also a historical document, tracing the efforts of climbers, climbing areas and the evolution of the sport. In this way, new climbers come to appreciate the past and hopefully develop a sense of the history and ethical considerations that are so important to climbing.

This new edition of the Dixie Cragger's Atlas continues in the above vein and boasts many improvements over the previous edition. If you already own the Dixie Craggers Atlas, why should you buy the new ones? Here's why:

  • Hundreds of new routes at existing areas
  • Clear and concise route descriptions
  • Grade revisions and changes (by consensus) at all areas
  • Many new areas, most of which have never been featured in any guidebook before
  • Lots of great action photos
  • New cliff line aerial photos with overlays
  • Super accurate birds-eye topo maps showing every nook and cranny
  • A new format that includes numbered text that corresponds to numbers on all topos and photos
  • A detailed and comprehensive index, with routes organized alphabetically and by grade.
  • Expanded maps making it easier to travel and plan trips.
Includes Buzzard Point, Laurel Falls, Castle Rock, Foster Falls, Big South Fork, Starr Mountain, Fall Creek Falls, Savage Gulf, Devil's Racetrack and Lilly Bluff.

- Published by Market Place Press in 2013

- Author: Chris Watford
- Region: Tennessee, USA
- Edition: 4th
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 280
- Dimension: 5.5″ wide by 8.4″ tall
- ISBN: 9780966864014
- Weight: 466g

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