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You might be thinking that a nut key is just a nut key, plain and simple,  it's just a piece of metal that dislodges jammed nuts? What else could anybody do to improve that?

Quite a lot it seems. The more we got into the design process, the more we realized how much we could improve upon the standard designs.

First, off DMM gave it a wide rubber handle to make it easy to hold, so no more skinned knuckles when your hand slips off and rags against the rock. The rubber handle stops the metal digging into your hand when you hit a stuck nut. The rubber handle can also be taken off to use the 17mm spanner, useful for tightening those loose bolts.

Its made from the finest Sheffield stainless steel, laser-cut to a precise shape which tapers down so that you can reach into narrow placements.

Top tip: Tie a small loop of 3 or 4mm accessory cord through the hole in the handle and use this to attach the Nutbuster to your racking biner. This reduces the danger of stabbing yourself with the nut key in a fall situation.

  • Rubber handled nut key
  • Laser-cut from stainless steel
  • Lightening holes to reduce weight
  • Narrow profile to access deep placements
  • 17mm spanner inside the handle
  • 57g or 40g if the ergonomic rubber handle is remove

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