Phantom Carabiner

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Pick up a rack of these beauties and prepare to be amazed – trust us, it really is shocking how so much gear can weigh so little! Being super light is not the whole story though. You also need to find the optimum balance between size, strength weight. Sure, DMM could have made this biner smaller, and as a result, lighter, but there comes a point when a tiny biner becomes a key ring – too to hold. Functionality is just as important as weight. I-Beam construction improves the strength to weight ratio, a minimized gate notch reduces snagging, and sound fundamental design encourages correct loading. The Phantom can be used on lightweight quickdraws, to rack gear, or to hold essentials like nut keys.

  • Super lightweight wire gate biner
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Small gate notch reduces snagging
  • Rope groove to locate rope correctly
  • A perfect choice for racking cams
  • Available in 8 colors 
  • Strength: 23kN (Major Axis), 9kN (Open Gate), 7kN (Minor Axis)
  • Weight: 28g
  • Gate Opening: 21mm

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