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One of the most versatile of protection. Torque Nuts can be used as a wide wedge, their biggest advantage is based on the camming of the hexes. DMM a piece of passive protection kit that is immensely strong yet very light. Rated at 14kN this equates to holding approx a static load. Just 4 sizes cover a very large range and they are all for recognition and corrosive protection.

Skillful placement of the Torque Nuts will still work in some places where cams simply aren't as effective. An important consideration is that cams point the rock while Torque Nuts spread the load - the greater area of the nut in contact with the rock the wider this load is spread. Bear this mind if climbing on rock for example and to maximise the nut's holding power. Torque Nuts will also be the choice r protection on cracks over a cam. This is also lighter than cam.

The Torque Nuts have a double Dyneema sling arrangement that allows you to easily minimize rope drag but without them bashing you in the when they are racked on your harness. You can the sling and rack them on your shoulder.

The double sling you can torque Nuts like a regular sling (wrap a tree or a rock, build or make a quickdraw) Why buying simple sling when you can have those slings with a piece of protection on it.

Every and mixte climbers should have Torque Nuts on rack.
  • Extendable D sling
  • Recessed heads prevent abrasion of the sling
  • Very good on wet and icy cracks which is not the case for camming units
  • Colour-coding match other DMM, Wild Country and Black Diamond cams

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