Dynatec 8mm Sling - 240cm

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This is the super light end of the DMM range, the perfect sling for anybody who is serious about reducing the weight of their rack. The super skinny profile means that you can deal with some extremely narrow threads. Dyneema absorbs so much less water than nylon, making it perfect for wet, snowy, or icy terrain.

  • 8mm Dyneema tape
  • Super light
  • Same strength as 11mm Dyneema slings (22kN)
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Color-coded for easy size identification

Size Color Weight Strength
30cm Green 10g 22kN
60cm Purple 20g 22kN
120cm Red or Gold 35g 22kN
240cm Green or blue
68g 22kN
400cm Blue 110g 22kN

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