Avalanche Shovel

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Made out of hybrid carbon and kevlar composite. The Avalanche Shovel is high strength and low weight, has freedom of shape, fatigue endurance, is waterproof, freezeproof, impact resistance, and thermal isolation (no snow or ice will stick on the shaft and warm for the hand).
  • Material: carbon and kevlar
  • Pointed scoop for easy penetration on hard snow
  • Four 10mm holes in the corners of the shovel for easy transportation or building a deadman anchor
  • The shaft is covered with special abrasive paint for a good grip
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall length: 63cm
    • Disassembled shaft length: 47cm
    • Handle: 11cm
    • Scoop: 27.9cm x 22.2cm
  • Scoop volume: 2,2 liters
  • Weight: 265g

Carbon fibers are lightweight and flexible, 70% lighter than steel, 40% lighter than aluminum, high strength-to-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, application flexibility, low mass, superior fatigue properties, and resistance to low temperatures.

Kevlar fibers are impact resistance, low weight reinforcement, and high abrasion resistance.

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