Magic Climbing Tape

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Medical grade, self-adherent tape that is water-resistant and breathable. Unlike other adhesive sports tapes, the Evolv Magic Finger & Hand Tape sticks to itself rather than the skin with gentle pressure application. Perspiration and water will not loosen the cohesive bond and the porosity permits air circulation. You can snip the tape away easily and cleanly without leaving any sticky residue and uncomfortable pulling of skin or hair.

  • Hand Tape: 1.5'' x 30 yards (3.8cm x 27m)
  • Finger Tape (2): 3/4'' x 30 yards (1.9cm x 27m)

Case: reusable, embossed Evolv-branded screw-top tin holds one 1.5'' hand tape or two 3/4'' finger tapes

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