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Ocun training board allows for a variety of grips for different phases of training and various advanced climbers. It has holds of several sizes, two slopers and two jugs. It is suitable for home training and gyms.

  • Wide range of grips, sizes and shapes (slopes, jugs, edges
  • Include 7 pairs of holds + 1 top central slope = 15 holds
  • Middle pair slots from top to bottom: 45mm slop, 35mm edge, 30mm edge and 20mm edge. 
  • Side pair slots from top to bottom: 40mm jugs, 25mm edge and 15mm edge. 
  • One 45mm slop above the Ocun logo. 
  • Anatomic shapes made of smooth polyurethane resin
  • Gently textured surface taking care of fingers and skin
  • Wall mounting set included
  • Weight: 1350 g
  • Size: 64 x 18 x 5,5 cm
  • Material: Polyurethane resin

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