Futura Foot Work

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Foot ascender that improves and completes the performance of the Futura Hand ascender and Futura Body chest ascender.

Futura Foot Work is a new version of the Futura Foot (no Work), with a lever that prevents accidental release of the rope.

Fitted with a hole for inserting a carabiner that locks the cam, preventing accidental release of the rope.

After testing the system, expert users confirm an excellent performance and a 30% efficiency increase during the ascent.


  • Available in right and left versions
  • Equipped with an anti-torsion stirrup
  • Perfect for rope access and arboriculture
  • Rope diameter: 8 to 13mm
  • Main dimension: 78mm
  • Weight: 135g
  • Patented
  • High-quality product, made in Italy!

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