Joffre Lake Ice Screw

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Available in 12cm, 17cm, and 22cm lengths, the JoffreLake Ice Screws are made of Chromoly steel with stainless steel hangers that are light, won't rust, and reduce melt-out on sunny routes. It features a large crank knob that is easy to grab with 360° motion for fast and easy placements.
  • Strength: 12cm (10kN) 17cm (10kN) 22cm (10kN)
  • Length: 12cm, 17cm and 22cm
  • Weight: 144g (12cm), 169g (17cm) and 189g (22cm)
  • Certification: CE 2008, EN 568 

* Note: We don't recommend this ice screw for a vertical climbing route as the thickness of the tube and threads make them harder to screw in. However, it's good on medium to low-angle walls and for kiters on frozen lakes. For kiters, please read our article here.

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