Wedgemount Nut Set

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The Wedgemount nuts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for maximum lightweight and strength and have a galvanized steel cable for corrosion resistance. The head nuts have a transverse tapered shape allowing multiple placement options. With their classic concave and convex shape, they will ''cam'' securely into placements when loaded. They feature colour-coded anodization and numbering for easy visual identification.

The set include a Grandwall Nut Tool.

  • Colour coding
  • Tapered sides
  • Total weight: 320g
  • Certification: CE 1019, EN 12270
Nut Strength Width Length Weight
#1 2kN 4.5mm 9.5mm 6g
#2 5kN 5.9mm 11.2mm 10g
#3 5kN 6.5mm 12.2mm 12g
#4 10kN 8.2mm 13.2mm 14g
#5 10kN 9.9mm 15.2mm 20g
#6 10kN 11.5mm 16.2mm 26g
#7 10kN 13.2mm 17.9mm 28g
#8 10kN 14.9mm 20.5mm 30g
#9 10kN 17.2mm 22.9mm 32g
#10 10kN 19.9mm 26.2mm 40g
#11 10kN 22.5mm 29.9mm 46g
#12 10kN 26.2mm 34.9mm 56g

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