Granite Peak Map - A Climbing Guide

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Montana's Highest Point. A Climbing Guide & Map by Joe Josephson.

"All-in-one" guidebook and complete topographic map for Montana's most popular summit, Granite Peak; often considered the most challenging of the 50 state high points after Alaska. Indeed, the rough terrain and remoteness of the Beartooth Range makes Granite Peak one of the premier alpine gems in the country. Original 1:24,000 Map created exclusively for First Ascent Press by the Alpine Mapping Guild, Boston. Written and researched by a 4th generation local and one of the climbing communities most respected guidebook authors, Joe Josephson. It features detailed descriptions and stunning photos with route lines. As the definitive resource for this enigmatic peak, it includes a beautifully crafted 1:24,000 scale map by the award-winning Alpine Mapping Guild (Boston, MA). Printed in full color on recyclable, waterproof, synthetic paper this unique guide holds up well in your pack but also is worthy of any wall in your home and has become a "must have" by anyone interested in the State High Points, Mountaineering, the Beartooth Range or simply a fan of inspiring cartography.

- Published by Beartooth Mountain Guides in 2014
- Author: Joe Josephson
- Region: Montana, USA
- Edition: 2
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Dimension: 4.2 x 0.2 x 8 inches (folded)

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