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Grivel Daisy Chain Evo has a special construction created to support 23kN of strength for each loop, eliminating the possible risks from dangerous maneuvers. Safety is thus increased compared to traditional construction while maintaining versatility and practicality. It can be used for connections or equalization of belays, or to belay, or as a lanyard for rappelling or as a etrier. New construction with the possibility of fixing the harness by means of a double (recommended) or single cow hitch. Each loop has sewn ends to facilitate sliding and fluidity. Come with an Alpha K1N carabiner or Sigma K8G.

  • Resistance: 23kN each loop
  • Double cow hitch reduce strangulation on harness tie-in loops
  • New stitches smoothness the load-bearing connecting seam of every loop
  • Carabiner retainer prevents cross-loading
  • Materials: Dyneema, Polyester
  • Certification: CE EN 566, UIAA 104
  • Length: 125 cm
  • Weight:
    • 101g without carabiner
    • 157g with Alpha K1N Screw Lock
    • 158g with Sigma K8G Twin Gate


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