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Technical light alpine carbon ice axe for alpinism and ice, with interchangeable head and carbon composite G-bone shaft.

The G-Bone carbon composite shaft has an ergonomic shape that can be gripped anywhere along the length of the shaft. The material doesn't conduct cold the way metal does and has the rigidity to hack into boilerplate ice. Shaped for alpine use, the shaft can be plunged, but has a good swing weight and sticks nice and snappy on steeper ice.

Very light at only 495 grams, the geometry offers a higher center of gravity (more towards the head), which allows a much better swing.

The head is compatible with VARIO Blade System, an innovative light and modular system for interchangeable blades and accessories: naked, mini-hammer, hammer and adze on all blade options.

  • Pick:
  • Weight:
    • With Total Ice Vario Pick (96g): 495g
    • With Ice Vario Pick & Thor Hammer (67g): 562g
    • With Ice Vario Pick & Adze Vario (57g): 552g
  • Size: 47cm
  • Removable pick, hammer, and adze
  • Carbon composite G-bone shaft.
  • Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2 (T-rated), UIAA 152
  • Made in Italy
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