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Bring your ice and mixed training to the next level. With the 5.10™ Stealth™ C4 rubber it does not only ensure a superior grip on holds, but it's should also make the gym owners happy as it’s no different than you stepping on the holds in your climbing shoes. The lanyard loops keep your tools from hitting your belayer on the head. The Tørr Tools as the shape and the feel of a real ice tool. The shape allows you to rest one of the tools in your shoulder while matching hands on the other weighted tool. It works also on almost all climbing gym holds and allow you to do advanced dry tooling moves like stein pulls. With the inside aluminum reinforcement, the tool meets UIAA T-tests for stein pull and shaft strength.

* Sold as a pair.

  • 5.10™ Stealth™ C4 rubber on pick for best grip
  • Meets UIAA T tests for stein-pull and shaft strength
  • One size fits all
  • Weight 770g

How strong are Tørr Tools?

Tørr Tools have been tested to the equivalent of the UIAA T ice ax ratings. These tests include a stein pull of 275 lbs. However, their strength as a dead man has not been tested, so please don't use them outside.

Can Tørr Tools break?

Yep. They are designed to function like a normal ice tool, but they can break. However, the tools are designed to show when they are nearing their breaking strength. If you hear an excessive number of wood fibers cracking or the aluminum center starts to deform, dial it back a bit.

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