Hooking Up - The Ultimate Big Wall and Aid Climbing Manual

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This "bible" covered leading to seconding, hauling, fixing, vertical camping, soloing (an awesome chapter!!), speed climbing, alpine aiding, how to learn aiding, a selection of where to aid climb in the world, gear (obviously - more than 100 pages!) and history of aid climbing in the world. 

This comprehensive colorful manual includes 670 pages, 3000+ photos and 17 interesting stories. This is a must for EVERY rock climber. 

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- Published by Versante Sud in July 2019
- Author: Fabio Elli & Peter Zabrok
- Edition: First (newest)
- Language: English
- Color: Yes
- Pages: 670
- Dimension: 7.5″ wide by 9″ tall
- Weight: 1480g

- ISBN: 9788885475809

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