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The liquid inside the Hot Poc is non-toxic and made of two ingredients: water and acetate sodium, which is a big scientific name for what we commonly call salt. In other words, the solution is simply a super-saturated mixture of salted water.

The metal disk is considered the heart of the Hot Poc. It is literally a floating piece of metal inside the pouch with one crucial role. When it is bent or “clicked”, its interaction with the liquid triggers the heat reaction for you to enjoy.  When the metal disc is “clicked” or bent, microscopic pieces of metal are released, which creates “nucleation sites”. When in contact with these sites, the liquid changes from liquid to solid, a process called crystallization.

The heat will last between 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of your Hot Poc. Once the magic is over, the process needs to be reversed before you can reuse it. Simply reset the Hot Poc by placing it in boiling water for approximately five minutes. The crystals will absorb the heat and liquefy.

Operation and characteristics of the Hot Poc:

  • Click the metal disc to release heat.
  • The temperature reached varies between 50 and 57° C.
  • Boil for 5 min to reset the process
  • A lifespan of over 100 uses.
  • Size:
    • Regular - Generates long-lasting heat for up to 30 minutes, dimensions of 8 cm x 9 cm, and 60 grams per unit.
    • XL – Generates long-lasting heat for up to 60 minutes, dimensions of 10 cm x 15 cm, and 230 grams per unit.

 Package includes:

  • 2 Regular Hot Poc
  • 1 XL Hot Poc
  • 1 metal casing
  • 1 boiling poach

*The Hot Poc pouch is safely made of PVC and can be in direct contact with the skin, whether or not the Hot Poc is activated.  Please avoid applying the activated Hot Poc directly on a baby’s skin, as they tend to be more sensitive to heat.

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