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The Duckling is a descender designed for canyoning

Three different levels of braking: before starting the descent, the desired rope position must be selected, taking into account the user's weight, rope diameter and terrain.

"Fast" speed - the rope is clipped into the carabiner in front of the Duckling. Throwing a rope on the "whiskers" on the right, you can reduce the speed directly during the descent.

"Moderate" speed - the rope is snapped into the carabiner through the Duckling.

"Slow" speed - the rope is clipped into the carabiner at the back of the Duckling.

Three additional brake lugs increase friction during descent. Thus, the product provides 9 options for laying the rope with different amounts of friction and, consequently, the speed of descent.

The advantage of the Duckling descender is the presence of an additional protrusion on the inside. This allows you to quickly throw the rope into the narrow part, thereby significantly increasing the friction force. However, in this position, the device does not lose its functionality.
  • Can be used with a double rope
  • Weight: 105g
  • Optimal with ropes of 8-12 mm
  • Material: aluminium 7075
  • Certification EN 15151
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